Is Herbalife safe to use whilst breastfeeding?

New mom pushing her baby stroller on an outdoor walk

Breastfeeding women are advised to discuss dietary changes and supplementation with their healthcare provider to determine individual suitability based on health status, nutritional needs, and any dietary restrictions for mother and/or child prior to use. 

It is important to understand that Herbalife Nutrition products have not been specifically tested to demonstrate safety of use during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. We recommend expectant or breastfeeding mums to consult with their GP before supplementing, to determine suitability of use.

Even if you have been consuming Herbalife Nutrition products prior to pregnancy or breastfeeding, we recommend consulting your physician. This is so that your healthcare provider can recommend the right nutrients for your specific health needs.  

If your GP or midwife has any questions surrounding our ingredients or products, they can contact us directly at