Squeezing in a quick workout can have amazing benefits and can provide a short boost of strength! Here is an easy 10-minute workout for all to follow.

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couple running in the forest snow wearing herbalife nutrition fitness clothes

The festive season is here and for many of us, that means indulgence and quality sofa time. Even if you’ve been working hard at maintaining your fitness over the year, you might need a little extra motivation to keep it up over the holidays. Here are our top tips for keeping active between sofa sessions:

Post-summer tips for healthy hair recovery plans

Is your hair looking and feeling a little lacklustre? Perhaps summer has taken its toll, as direct sunlight, chlorine and styling products may all contribute to hair damage. But now is the perfect time to kickstart hair health with a little detox:

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seven tips for eating right Dish of chicken breast healthy food

Eating right involves more than just making the right food choices – it's also about eating the right foods at the right time.

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Herbalife Nutrition Runners burning fat

exercise is the key to burning fat. Herbalife fitness expert shares tips on how you can train your body to burn fat faster.

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protein shakes with different flavors

Looking to start your Herbalife Nutrition journey? Learn everything you need to know about meal replacement protein shakes.

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We work out because we want to lose weight or build muscle. But we often forget that regular exercise has many other benefits. Get some motivation here.