Restart Your New Year's Resolutions

Re-energise your New Year resolutions with exercise

New Year resolutions. We make them. Then break them. The trick to maintaining a ‘new you’ all year is remembering the hare and the tortoise...and who won the race.

If you planned to get in shape and are losing focus, don’t worry. It happens to us all. February is the perfect time to restart those health and wellbeing resolutions. The January blues have gone, the days are (slightly) brighter, and it’s time to refocus.


There’s no single answer to getting your mojo back. The important thing is not to beat yourself up if you lapse. Healthy living is for life, and you’ve got time. Take it slow and steady – just like the tortoise. You’ll win the race.


Here are our 9 for ’19 to help you restart your resolutions:


1. Be realistic. Big lifestyle changes are tough, small ones are easy. Take another look at your resolutions. Dial them back if needed. Minor adjustments can make a big impact.

2. Have a plan. Resolutions are great. But you’ll need a plan to keep focused on your goals in your busy day-to-day life.

3. Keep a record. Track your progress, keep a food or fitness diary, or just mark the calendar when you exercise. You’ll get a buzz seeing what you’ve achieved.

4. Get a buddy. Find a friend of family member with similar goals. There’s nothing like a bit of moral support, and even a bit of healthy competition, to keep you on course.

5. Celebrate success. Recognise all your accomplishments – however small. Whether that’s a week without sugar, a small weight loss or a great workout.

6. Eat breakfast. Yes, it’s still the most important meal of the day. A nutritious breakfast keeps the hunger pangs at bay. If you get hungry, choose healthy snacks.

7. Keep drinking. Whether you’re dieting or exercising it’s always important to stay hydrated. Don’t confuse thirsty with hungry – it’s easy to do.

8. Learn from setbacks. If you’ve slipped, try to figure out why and think about how you can stop it from happening again.

9. Remember your reasons. When you feel yourself flagging, remember why you started out. Write your resolutions down, then refer back if your motivation dips.