Formula1 Express Bar Chocolate 7 bars per box

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    Product Overview

    F1 Express Healthy Meal Bar has all the nutritional goodness of an F1 shake or a healthy meal.Formula 1 Healthy Meal Bar is handy to keep with you when you are on the go and when consumed with a generous drink of water you never have to miss out on a nutritious meal. Available in a delicious Chocolate or Red Fruits & Yoghurt flavour it is the tempting meal replacement to avoid excess-calorie options when on the go.

    Key Benefits

    Formulated with an excellent balance of key nutrients including high levels of protein and fibre and added vitamins and minerals Calorie-controlled with approximately 207 kcal per bar 13g protein in every bar to help build lean muscle mass8g of fibre per bar to help towards your daily fibre intakeSuitable for vegetariansAvailable in Chocolate and Red Fruits and Yoghurt flavoursFree from artificial preservativesConvenient healthy meal when you’re on the go


    Enjoy Herbalife Healthy Meal Bar every day as a healthy meal option.

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