CR7 Drive Canister Acai Berry Each Canister 540 g

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    Product Overview

    CR7 Drive is a hypotonic drink for advanced hydration and endurance*. Performance for active lifestyles its perfect for taking during exercise or any sports activity. CR7 Drive is a carbohydrate-electrolyte solution that is proven to enhance the absorption of water during physical activity and help maintain endurance performance* whether it be an intense game of football or you are hitting the treadmill.

    Key Benefits

    • Developed in conjunction with Cristiano Ronaldo one of the elite players of world football.• Delicious and refreshing carbohydrate-electrolyte drink to take during exercise.• Carbohydrate-electrolyte solution that is proven to help sustain endurance performance*.• Also enhances the absorption of water during exercise**.• Under 100kcal per serving to help manage your calorie intake.* Carbohydrate-electrolyte solutions contribute to the maintenance of endurance performance during prolonged exercise.**Carbohydrate-electrolyte solutions enhance the absorption of water during physical exercise.


    Product label SKU 1466

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