Herbalife24® Hydrate Electrolyte Drink Orange 20 stick pack

Herbalife24® Hydrate Electrolyte Drink Orange product shot
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Product Overview


H24 Hydrate is a calorie free electrolyte drink designed to encourage fluid consumption. Contains 100% RDA of vitamin C to help reduce tiredness and fatigue.


Key Benefits

Calorie free drink for athletes to encourage fluid consumptionWith an osmolality of less than 270 mOsmol/kgProvides 100% of your RDA for Vitamin C which helps reduce tiredness and fatigueProvides B vitamins (B1 B2 pantothenic acid and B12) and calcium and magnesium all contributing to normal energy-yielding metabolismNo artificial colours no artificial flavours



Mix 1 stick pack with 500 ml of water shake vigorously. This product should be used as part of a balanced and varied diet in line with a healthy lifestyle.