How often do you skip breakfast? Once a week? Twice? Every day?

We are told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But what is it that makes breakfast such an integral part of our daily diet? Breakfast literally means to ‘break the fast’ that occurs overnight. After several hours without fuel, providing your body with the energy it needs to get you going, is absolutely essential. `

With a fast-paced lifestyle and a busy schedule, grabbing a coffee and a pastry on-the-go to stop the morning hunger pangs might seem like a good idea. But it’s important to remember, that a healthy lifestyle begins with a nutritionally balanced breakfast. Starting your day with the right meal, sets your eating pattern on track for the rest of the day. A healthy breakfast will provide you with all key nutrients and will help you increase your vitamin and mineral intake. Our quick-to-prepare Herbalife Nutrition breakfast is scientifically formulated to give you a fantastic start to the day.