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Don’t Let Your Skin Reflect Your Stress

Five Great Ways to Get Active Outdoors


Stress can impact the health of your heart, digestion, weight, memory and even your ability to sleep. Stress and lack of sleep can also negatively impact your looks, as well as dehydration. Examples of those impurities are blemishes, breakouts,fine lines and wrinkles. So, in the name of beauty, here’s how you can learn to de-stress. 

Teach Yourself to Relax 

For some people, relaxing can be quite difficult. However, if you can set aside a few minutes a day to meditate, it will serve your mind, body and spirit well.Look for a place that’s quiet and removed from daily chaos. Close your eyes, sit up straight and tall, and place your hands in your lap. Slowly breathe by inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. Deep breathing helps to slow the heart rate and inspire the feeling of calm. 

Get Up and Get Moving 

Exercise can be the ideal stress reducer. It not only improves your circulation, which is great for your skin, but it also releases endorphins that can make you feel both energized and calm at the same time. So, take a brisk walk, join a fitness class or go on a bike ride. It’s the perfect way to reduce stress, clear your mind and achieve that healthy post-exercise glow. 

Stay Focused 

There’s nothing worse than being frazzled. Rather than becoming completely overwhelmed, try to control it by prioritizing. Writing daily tasks down in a notebookis a great example, just being able to see the different tasks that need to completed can give more clarity. This not only reducesstress, but it can allow more productivity. This can help to make a change in your overall appearance. 

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